Lox Iridium King 7' and 7'4"

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Blue Water King Sticks 7' 2pc 
Butt Insert Construction 
10-15kg 80-200g Fuji Alc 

Blue Water King Sticks 7'4  2pc 
Butt Insert Construction 
6-10kg 60-150g Fuji Alc 

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• Japanese Toray Carbon T800H
• Tensile modulus of 42 msi
• Polymer matrix resin system
• Taper ultra fast
• Tip recovery rate ultra fast
• Parabolic fighting curve
• Extra + wrap butt power feature
• Inserted butt  construction
• Fuji ALC guides
• Fuji reel seat
• High density EVA
• Split & tapered grip 
• Monogrammed hard outer case
• Inner cloth bag with Velcro ties
The past few decades have seen unremitting pressure on our fisheries. Much that was great has diminished, however within this disappointing mix those of us on the East Coast have witnessed resurgence in that mighty “brawler” the Kingfish. We make no secret of it the Kingie is a personal favorite of every member of the LOX team. In fact in this instance we could even be accused of making a rod for ourselves.
The Kingfish rods of old where “telegraph poles” rigid brutal sticks that were good for naught else that dropping the old “Irons”, what we were after was a rod that could nimbly cast a stickbait, live squid or even jig. Such a stick didn’t exist before the Bluewater series from LOX. 
We investigated the design elements required in a King stick and came-up with the following…. A great stick must have the ability to “load” whilst simultaneously absorbing and cushioning adrenaline fueled Kingies. The “communications end” of the rod, which is of course the tip section must have enough “give” to cope with the “thrash” but enough power to translate the load to the fighting mid-section of the rod.  A tapered butt section designed for maximum Angler comfort. The unique “conical” cross section on the stick means that all hand sizes are comfortably accepted. Our own boat tends to get a little “over crowded” with gear so to accommodate the “crush” we incorporated a “in butt” join. 
Sure, we have been a little self indulgent but if you are designing rods for a living from time to time you can be forgiven for building a rod for your favorite fish!