Lox Iridium Jigging Spin 53130

91646-LOX JIG 53130

New product

Jigging 5'3 1pc
33kg 250-400g Fuji Sic 

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• Japanese Toray Carbon T800H
• Tensile modulus of 42 msi
• Polymer matrix resin system
• Taper ultra fast
• Tip recovery rate ultra fast
• Parabolic fighting curve
• Extra + wrap butt power feature
• Single piece construction
• Fuji SIC guides
• Fuji reel seat
• High density EVA
• Split & tapered grip 
• Monogrammed hard outer case
• Inner cloth bag 
Designed by anglers who need an “equalizer” 
when in aggressive bluewater “negotiations”
All great products share in common this much, great people. We would like to take this opportunity to salute our ultimate quality control team, the LOX Ambassador’s. 
No LOX rod is released without first running it past our Ambassador’s. Anything less than full marks then the product is withdrawn from the production line. If anything can be said to sum-up our commitment to quality it is our Ambassador Program. The best Angler’s using the best equipment and producing the best results.
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