Lox Rock Spin 9'

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Rock Spin 9'  2pc 
10-15kg 15-80g Fuji Alc 

Rock Spin 9'  3pc 
6-10kg 10-60g Fuji Alc 

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• Japanese Toray Carbon T800H
• Tensile modulus of 42 msi
• Polymer matrix resin system
• Taper ultra fast
• Tip recovery rate ultra fast
• Parabolic fighting curve
• Fuji ALC guides
• Rubber skin reel seat
• AAA+ hyplon grip
• Monogrammed hard outer case
• Inner cloth bag (with Velcro ties)
The “Rocks” are a hostile and at times unforgiving Angling environment, yet often so rewarding! The weight penalty of older style rods restricts the Angler, not only is this a safety hazard but it is also impedes the enjoyment of the experience. What was needed was a complete “rethink” of what a Rock-Rod is… the result of this was LOX Rock.
The design team addressed these “functional” questions by introducing much faster recovery rates in the blank, whilst building additional power into the butt section of the rod. The balancing act that was required was to do this without a weight penalty. The answer came from an unusual quarter. The team discovered that by altering the composition or wrap of high modulus carbon they could achieve a rod that was not only light enough and responsive enough for the contemporary “rock-hopper” but strong enough to be a match for the “toughness” of lower modulus rods. 
Since the rods release hundreds of the toughest, of the tuff, hardened Rock Anglers have told us that we “got it right’ for anyone that is indeed high praise.