Lox Yoshi Travel 7655


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Travel Spin 7'6,5pc 5kg for the travelling angler that requires nothing but the best available

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• Japanese Toray Carbon T800H
• Tensile modulus of 42 msi
• Polymer matrix resin system
• Taper very fast
• Tip recovery rate very fast
• Parabolic fighting curve
• Five piece construction
• Pushover ferrule
• Fuji ALC guides
• Fuji reel seat
• AAA+ cork split grip
• Hand turned & finished eco cork reel seat
• Monogrammed hard outer case
• Inner cloth bag (with Velcro ties)
The “catch-all” phrase for Travel rods is versatility. The expedition Angler is by definition “pushing the limits” venturing outside his comfort zone and entering into new waters. The question always is, how big and what types of piscatorial challenge will present itself on the expedition. For East Coast Anglers this is a particularly sensitive matter, just what will present itself? 
The LOX Travel Spin was designed so that the Expedition Angler had the “armory” to cope with a variety of hard-fighting species in differing environments. There is not much use having a “telegraph pole” that is only good for trolling, nor is it much good having a “noodle” that will fold under attack. The LOX Travel Spin provides the length and control for casting from the bank, yet the stiffness and control for precision casts into tight water from a boat.
When all is said and done however the primary consideration for any Travel Rod is size. The LOX can be carried by even the smallest of light aircraft, at an amazing 58cm folded-down length. Backpack in, go by Yak, fly in at 58cm the LOX Travel Spin will fit any travel pack.