Lox Blade 6-8kg

91610-Lox Blade

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2pc, 7', 6-8kg - This rod packs a serious punch for tackling some of the biggest and hardest fighting fish, best suited with a 3000 - 5000 size reel and up to 30b line the options are endless.

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• Japanese Toray Carbon T800H
• Tensile modulus of 42 msi
• Polymer matrix resin system
• Taper ultra fast
• Tip recovery rate ultra fast
• Parabolic fighting curve
• Two piece construction
• Infinite fit – wearable ferrule
• Fuji SIC guides
• Fuji reel seat
• AAA+ cork split grip
• Hand turned & finished eco cork reel seat
• Monogrammed hard outer case
• Inner cloth bag (with Velcro ties)
Following the success of the Blue water series we received a huge number of requests for something “a little less”, something that was more of a casting rod, yet preserved the “persuasive powers’ of the Blue Water series. The LOX design team returned to the drawing board and begun working on what was to become the 6-8kg stick.
The 6-8kg stick exhibits a number of unique characteristics, first of these is the break-test-limit-test-point. Even though the rod is described as a 6-8kg the actual break-test-limit well exceeds the labeled description on the rod. This is vital as the rod’s application sees it pitched against piscatorial adversaries requiring much heavier loading than that which can be produced from a typical 6-8kg rod. LOX Anglers are typically high-end Anglers and consequently the instances of boundary pushing fish are more common. The standard loading rate of a typical 6-8kg just isn’t sufficient. 
Though the loading rate is critical, it is also vital that (as with all LOX rods) the stick preserve the ability to cast lighter lures, or smaller live baits. LOX achieved this design function via: modifying the tip wrap and extending the wrap into the mid section of the blank, transferring the strength characteristics of the blank into the mid-point of the blank thereby producing a distinctly parabolic action, whilst maintaining a tip section with sufficient resilience & lightness to cast hereto impossibly light loads for a rod in the 6-8kg category. 
The defining characteristic of the 6-8kg is the ability to handle smaller lures with the ease that would normally necessitate the use of a 4-7kg (or even less) yet with the power reserve of 6-8kg + rod. It is the edge that the Sports Angler seeks, more, with less!