New Baby Griffon

Baby Griffon Sydney Stock

New product

Length: 37.8mm
Weight: 3/16oz
Diving Depth: 0.3M

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  • Mat Tiger
  • NC Akakin
  • NC Hachiro
  • NC Tanago

More info

The BABY GRIFFON is a new member of the ever expanding GRIFFON SERIES. As the name indicates this is a baby-size GRIFFON for fi nesse application. The challenge for Megabass R&D team was how to pack what makes GRIFFON so successful into this tiny body. The answer was to use already familiar Water Duct Mechanism in order to make this baby swim at the same depth all the way back to you. Since this is a GRIFFON, it casts like a rock with minimal wind resistance. Therefore, with I.T.O. designed reels you can use F3 or even F4 class bait casting Destroyers for the BABY GRIFFON. With this bait in your tackle box you have a peace of mind, and a little more edge against other anglers.