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  • 40g
  • 50g
  • GG G/B Katakuchi
  • GG Iwashi
  • GG Pink Iwashi
  • GLX Metal Red Eye
  • LZ Stardust Sanma
  • LZ Urume Iwashi
  • M Live Katakuchi

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"XBLADZ" is an exclusive jig · pencil shap

With the newly developed "MAGHOLD [PAT.P]", hold the front hook with a neodymium magnet immediately after landing. With the strong magnetic force, the front hook does not rampage, realizing a stable fall of sink posture and hook position. At the time of bite, the hook moves away from the abdomen and does not disturb hooking. 
With low center of gravity design with a large air volume on the dorsal side, the design creates a baitfish that wobbles in a natural manner while maintaining a slight forward tilting posture even at free fall and weakly disengages from the flock. 
"XBLADZ" which adopted the state-of-the-art technology of Megabass Factory is a secret weapon

● target fish by fit hook  
 Kingie, bonito, etc. (less than 5kg): OWNER ST-46 /  ST-56 # 2 ~ # 1 
 bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, etc. (more than 5Kg): OWNER ST-66 # 2 ~ # 1 
● standard equipment hook : OWNER ST-46 # 2